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Back with another screwdriver…

Reboots are all the rage in movies these days, so we thought we’d give it a try with an old classic!

This piece is fully machined from Brass, copper, wood and acrylic.

It features a sliding mechanism and rotating knurled copper dials. The emitter extends to reveal a copper cage, containing a yellow acrylic core which lights up along with the emitter when the screwdriver is activated.

This screwdriver also has a decorative display stand and presentation box, both matching the gold/wooden aesthetic.

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After a few weeks of progress photos, finally we have the finished thing!

The Clockwork Droid mask has been hand sculpted, moulded and cast in resin. The resin casing was then trimmed, sanded and painted with a cracked porcelain effect in the same way as the original pieces.

After some additional detailing, extensive weathering and some black mesh behind the eyes, it's done!

I'm offering both fully painted/weathered masks, or raw castings for anyone who wants to paint it themselves!

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Had this one on the go for a little while..

Starting with a 3D printed structure, the details and contours of the Clockwork Droid mask was sculpted in plasticene, with a silicone brush-on mould then being created.

After a few successful castings, we're just waiting on the crackle effect paint to arrive before we can get some finished pieces out - watch this space!

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